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Know Your Teacher

Priyanka Kumari

Priyanka Kumari, a gentle soul and devoted yoga teacher, transformed lives in her tranquil studio. With each breath, she guided her students to find inner peace, and her words resonated like a soothing melody. People from far and wide sought her wisdom, drawn to her radiant aura. Through mindfulness and meditation, she unraveled the knots of stress and doubt, igniting a spark of self-discovery in her pupils. In a world filled with chaos, Priyanka’s classes became an oasis of calm, where hearts found solace and spirits soared. Her legacy of love and serenity touched countless souls, forever enriching their journey.

Why Priyanka?

Once overweight and disheartened, Priyanka Kumari found solace in yoga’s embrace. Determined to transform her life, she immersed herself in the practice, shedding 30kg along the way. Her newfound strength and confidence inspired her to become a yoga teacher. As she shared her journey with others, she ignited hope in their hearts. In her studio, she witnessed miraculous changes, not just in bodies but in souls. Priyanka’s radiant smile reflected the beauty of her metamorphosis. Through yoga, she found her calling, guiding countless others toward wellness and self-discovery.

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Our Session

Join our transformative online yoga sessions at Diet4life! Led by experienced instructors, our classes cater to all levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners. Explore the perfect blend of physical postures, mindfulness, and meditation from the comfort of your home. Rejuvenate your body and mind with us, embracing a holistic approach to well-being

Benefits of 30 Days Challenge

Increased flexibility
and mobility

Improved Cardiovascular

Enhanced Strength &
Muscle Tone

Boosted Metabolism &
Energy Levels

Reduced Risk Of Chronic Diseases

Elevated Mood & Reduced Stress Levels

Our Team

Diet4life is a revolutionary health and wellness Human based system  (HBS) that is on a big mission to transform humans lives.

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