Before getting to know about how to treat PCOD & PCOS, let us brief you on what happens to your body when you are exposed to either PCOD or PCOS.

When your Ovaries are releasing immature eggs you are said to have PCOD and this will bring you a significant hormonal imbalance. But, when your ovaries produce excess androgens which will turn your eggs into cysts you are suffering from PCOS which is extremely detrimental to your health.

Now before you panic, let us tell you we are going to be with you every step of the way until you reach all your health goals.

We at Diet4life help you modify your lifestyle and prescribe appropriate home remedies to create a healthy you. We will allocate you a pro-personalized dietician who will customize a proper eating regimen that helps you control your PCOD / PCOS without losing out on the foods that you enjoy. We regularly monitor your diet plan and make regular follow-ups.

To get rid of PCOD & PCOS altogether you need to maintain a healthy weight and make slight changes in your lifestyle like working out regularly and our personalized dietician will help you with the same by creating a routine for you, making you follow them every day and monitor the results of the same.

The symptoms of PCOD & PCOS are different for everyone and hence, a customized diet and workout plan will help you get rid of the same in a shorter duration.

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